• <p>Flexible Configuration</p>

    Flexible Configuration

    One is flexible configuration. For example, the size of the inverter and controller can be flexibly configured, and the battery can be flexibly configured.

  • <p>Support Multiple Mode Switching<br></p>

    Support Multiple Mode Switching

    The micro energy storage system supports multiple mode switching such as grid-connected, energy storage, and off-grid. And it can run with a battery alone when the mains power is out, ensuring uninterrupted power supply at home.

  • <p>Achieve Zero Feed<br></p>

    Achieve Zero Feed

    The third is to achieve zero power feed. It is necessary to add a smart meter (which must be connected to the home power supply box) and communicate with the inverter WiFi through the WIFI in the meter to display the electricity consumption required at home. The controller will intelligently prioritize the energy generated by the solar panels for household electricity use, and store the excess in the battery to ensure zero output to the national grid, thereby achieving zero feed.

  • <p>Realize UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply<br></p>

    Realize UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

    The fourth is to realize UPS uninterruptible power supply. Even in the event of a mains power outage, the entire system can still load home appliances.

  • <p>Apartment</p>


    Our storage system requires minimal space and has no messy cables, making it an ideal solution for any balcony. You can freely choose 12-48V batteries to use with our system.

  • <p>House</p>


    The MIC POWER IoT app allows you to intelligently monitor and control your energy consumption in real-time.Set the mode you need through the APP according to your needs.

  • <p>Garden</p>


    With IP65 water and dust resistance, Solar Smart Flow, the balcony power plant with storage, offers reliable and efficient performance in your garden. Additionally, our system can be expanded with 4 batteries (4x1000Wh) up to 4000Wh, providing even more energy for your needs.

  • <p>​​​​​​​Diagonal Roof<br></p>

    ​​​​​​​Diagonal Roof

    Thanks to our universal MC4 hose design, Solar Smart Flow is fully compatible with any orientation of solar panels and most microinverters, making balcony power plants with storage easy to set up, take down and relocate as needed.

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