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What is an EMS controller?

BWN POWER BP series EMS controller has a powerful and advanced system integrating (MPPT+AC) battery charger and energy management functions. 

It works together with our BP series micro-inverter and will magically create a home solar micro-energy storage system with a maximum output power up to 4KW. 

The micro-energy storage system supports switching between grid-connected, energy storage, and off-grid modes. And it can run with battery alone when the mains power is cut off, so as to ensure continuous power supply at home. 

In addition, the EMS controller has the adaptive function of wide-voltage battery, so that customers can choose batteries of different voltages: (12V/24V/36V/48V) 

And different types of batteries: (lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, or others). 

The EMS controller adopts a high-performance aluminum alloy die-casting sealed design shell, which can continue to operate in harsh natural environments.

Detailed Description

What are the characteristics of the controller?

1)IP65 natural heat dissipation 

High-strength one-time forming aluminum alloy die-casting outer housing ensures that the entire controller achieves IP65 degree of protection. So as to satisfy customers For use in harsh environments.

2)Dual charging mode 

Integrated MPPT solar charging and AC city electricity charging, let the mains charge as the sun chargeable compensation is possible. Multiple charging and storage to meet different usage needs

3)Adapt to different batteries comes with 12V-48V battery automatic identification function.
Yes. AC charging does not pick the battery, and to achieve a multi-purpose machine, saving additional cost to buy a different charger.

4)Various communication methods 

RS485/CAN communication mode multiple choice, it can be matched with different energy storage batteries. Know the operating status of the battery at any time to ensure the system is more secure and stable.

5)Remote monitoring 

Built-in Bluetooth or WIFI communication module, through the system can be accessed through a mobile phone or a computer real-time monitoring. Make sure users are first to understand the operating status of the system.

BP 1.6KW Controller

4 independent trackers to maximize the output of each solar panel

 Automatic battery voltage detection 12V/24V/36V/48V

 Suitable for different types of batteries

 MPPT tracking efficiency>99.9%, peak conversion efficiency>99%

 Keep your home devices running normally with UPS function

 6 LED lights clearly display all working status

 Reverse polarity protection for solar panels and batteries

 Overcharge and overload protection

 Flexible monitoring of your power generation through the APP

Product Parameter

MPPT Solar Charging
Number of MPPTs2
Photovoltaic open circuit voltage20-60V
Working voltage range25-60V
Photovoltaic panel maximum open circuit voltage60Vdc
Recommended maximum power for photovoltaic panels2x1 MPPT800W
Maximum charging current50A
Maximum load current2 x 30A
power consumption2W
Track efficiency99.90%
Conversion efficiency98%
Protective functionOverload, reverse connection, short circuit, high voltage, high temperature and other protection functions
Mains Charging (Optional)
Input voltage110V-260V
recharging current10A@48V
Charging current adjustable0-10A
Custom charging timeAPP to set the charging time
Battery TypeHermetic, AGM, Gel, Perfusion, Li-Ion, Lithium Carbonate, or User Defined
Battery voltageStandard 24V
Battery voltage range10V-60V
Custom discharge time APP setting discharge time
Energy Management
Micro inverter input power1.6KW
The number of micro-inverters that can be connected1pc BP-1.2KW
AC load (backup)1.2KW 230Vac@1pc BP-1.2KW
AC load peak power (backup) 3.6KW (with 1pc BP-1.2KW)
AC output (connected to the grid)1.2KW 230Vac@1pc BP-1.2KW
Output power factor (adjustable)>0.99 Default, 0.8 Leading...0.8 Lagging...
Switching time<10mS
Protective function Protection against overload, short circuit, low battery voltage, reverse battery connection, islanding, etc.
Mechanical Parameters
Net weight3KG
CoolingNatural heat dissipation (no fan)
Degree of protectionIP65
Environmental Parameters
Adapt to ambient temperature-25~65℃ (Derating from 45℃)
Storage temperature-40℃~+85℃
Humidity100% anti-condensation
Warranty period3 Years
SafetyCE and UL
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